Oil Companies School, Tripoli, Libya


School’s Open Day
Parents waiting patiently at the the school’s corridor

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17 Responses to “Oil Companies School, Tripoli, Libya”

  1. francis Says:

    Helo, my name is francis a citizen of nigeria, im interested in oil company school tripoli,libya so what is the procedure if i want to apply.

    I will like to here from you soonext.

    your regard,
    Francis joseph.

  2. musah Says:

    yes seeking for admission

  3. Haitham Bushra Says:

    Hello ,

    I was a student at the OCS in tripoli in the nineties 90 – 94 , is there anyway of getting in touch with former schoolmates?

  4. redenclave Says:

    Francis and Musa,
    You should visit the school’s official website. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been updated. However please give it a try. Good Luck 8)

    Hello to you too. One popular way of getting in touch is by going to this unofficial OCS website. You’d have to register though! Please do, you won’t regret it, I promise. Humm, the website’s down at the moment. I’ll have to contact my friend as her sister is one of the moderators.

    Another option is by visiting classmates.com. There are hundreds of former students registered there. The downside is you’d have to be a golden member in order to contact each other.

  5. Amir Perva Says:

    I was also in Oil Company School during the nineties 92-94… so if anyone remembers Amir P write me an email 😉

  6. redenclave Says:

    I’ve come across your name before. I can’t seem to remember where or when. Which grade were you in when you last left OCS? 😉

  7. Amir Perva Says:

    i cant really remember clearly but i think i was there 1-3 grade … Man i wish i could remember my class-mates but honestly i forgot everything about lybia… Im in Sarajevo,Bosnia now…

  8. redenclave Says:

    Ahh, I must have got everything mixed up, then! 8)
    Have you registered your name in the now defunct website : http://www.ocslibya.com.? I hope it’s only temporary! Don’t you keep a yearbook? I fortunately have one. The one & only, I have not received te following year’s year book due to the bad r/s between Libya & the US then!

  9. Amir Perva Says:

    Oh yeah im registered at the http://www.ocslibya.com site but i dont visit the site oftenly… its not up-to-date… i use facebook.com but i havent stumbled upon anyonw from osc there yet…

  10. Missey Johnson Says:

    Mr.Boniface was my teacher. Am looking for anyone who was at OCS between
    1978 – 1980.

  11. Rand Says:

    Hi … I am registered on the http://www.ocslibya.com website … and used it a few months ago .. but now its a kazino website … do you know what happened … is there a new website for it?
    Ps. Any1 from years 2003 – 2007 graduates?

  12. Cindy McIlquham/Burke Says:

    Hi Missy ,
    l was there during those approximet years. l arrived for half way through grade eight and was ther for about a year and a half or so after. Did some home schooling after grade nine was done…what grade where you in?? l used to hang around the Grahams ..Roberta Babcock..would love to hear from her again..there was also Marvella Smith Charlie Meyers Mickey Woods etc. Not sure if you will be back on this site but if you know of any of their where abouts it would be great..l will add this site to my favs so l can come back and check again..l kinda stumbled upon it . Wishing you the best

  13. jasmina Says:

    Hi……I was there also during 1984-1986. Mr Ferns was my teacher among others. Anyone from that period????

  14. Reem Ben-Halim (OCS81-93) Says:

    there r a lot of OCS/CUSAM/ISM students and former students on the http://www.hi5.com website.. also at least 2 groups for OCS and ISM there as well as on yahoo, msn.
    i have also found quite a lot of people thru a site called http://www.thenamesdatabase.com (i think that’s correctly written and i’m sure u’ll find it anyway even if not..), there u can search for people u remember by name and age 😀 great stuff.

    well have fun all of u and i hope u find ur friends again.

    the OCS spirit is still out there and still going strong!! ;D 😀

  15. Kelly Davis Says:

    Lived in Tripoli from 1962 – 1976. Attended OCS and the RR horse riding club. Teen Club was a great place for americans to swim and play sports. There is a reunion this July 20th in Houston, Tx. Would love to meet old and new friends.
    email: Kelly_Davis_01@Hotmail.com

  16. idris lahaddad Says:

    please i need the school phone number, i have 2 kids and we just got here from USA and i am looking for good school for my kids. if you can help please let me know.
    idris alhaddad

  17. Hani Shaanan Says:

    I attended OCS 1977-1980 with Mr.Bruscuss as my homeroom teacher. Mr. Baker was the PE teacher among others. Reply
    Hani Shaanan
    Elk Grove, California

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